Year 4 News: 12th March 2020

12th March 2020
Star of the Week:  Harrison
Writer of the Week:  Renee
Mathematician of the Week:  Lilly C
Rocking Reader:  Aaron
Values Champion:  Harry
Year 4 started the week with a visit to The Hive in Worcester to watch a science presentation.  
We had chance to look through books at the library and we all sat in a story pit to enjoy reading time.
We were then treated to a demonstration of various experiments involving food.  Some of us were chosen to take part and joined the presenter to help with the investigation.  
We learned that there are supertasters amongst us and that there is a scientific reason why some people do not like sprouts.  They contain a chemical which only a percentage of the population can taste! 
Ask us about the other demonstrations we watched.  We learned so much and so did the teachers.
Our maths lesson on Wednesday was lead by a member of the Active maths team.  We practised our multiples of 6,7,8 and 9 through activities on the playground.  Mrs Ball was impressed with our team work and team spirit but some of us could have scored higher for our teams if we knew our tables better. 
The performance of ‘ Alice, the musical’ is very close now. We are all working our socks off to learn stage directions and know which props we need and when.  You are certainly in for a treat.
There are still tickets available if you haven’t purchased yours yet.