Year 4 News: 14th February 2019

14th February 2019
We all enjoyed a muddy morning outdoors on Monday. We trudged up the hill to church and enjoyed a sausage sandwich and a hot chocolate before walking to  Hanbury Hall. As part of our art curriculum, using different media to create self-portraits, we explored natural materials and used them to produce alternative portraits of ourselves.  See some of our work below.  

We are full steam ahead now in learning lines and songs for our performance of Hoodwinked. Although there are still parts to allocate, we have all been given a role to play. Some of us will have to play multiple parts and perform quick costume changes. We may not all have got the parts we wanted but we are all playing an important role in the success of our performance, working as a team. Watch this space!

We will be learning our lines and song words over the next few weeks as our Literacy homework. Maths homework will continue as normal.