Year 4 News: 24th April 2020

24th April 2020

Hello and welcome to a new term. Many of you have got off to a really good start, approaching the three activities we set every day and presenting your work as we would expect from Year Fours. It is really important to keep up with the work we set as it will prepare you for Middle School and prevent you from falling behind in your learning. We are endeavouring to reach everyone and offer you all the same opportunities to continue the progress you have made this year.  

This week, in maths, you have used what you already know about area to calculate the area of shapes and we have learnt how to calculate the perimeter of shapes too. We have seen some very accurate and beautifully presented work. Well done Year Four.  

In Literacy, you have been sharpening your GPS skills, finding grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors in a text and correcting them, working with homophones, thinking about tenses and sorting prefix, suffix and root words. Learning these skills will enhance your written work. Remember to use them! 

On Monday, you were asked to label human teeth and explain the functions of the different parts of a tooth and then to think about what kinds of teeth animals have and why. We learnt a lot from your responses. We even had one of you who told us all about sloths teeth! 

Tuesday’s afternoon activity was dance and those of you who did this activity were fantastic. We really enjoyed watching you. It wasn’t easy but you all persevered. Brilliant! 

On Wednesday afternoon we asked you to research countries in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and on the Equator. We had some excellent responses, although we would have liked to see more of you completing this activity, and some of you went even further, finding and labelling countries on a globe, creating graphs and drawing the flags of the countries you researched. Excellent! 

In RE we have asked you to think about your life journey so far and into the future. We are looking forward to seeing the important milestones in your lives so far and those you anticipate in the future. 

This week we will be asking you to do a self portrait as we do at the beginning of each term. Can you improve on your last portrait? We are excited to see what you can do. 

As well as completing our activities, some of you have been doing your own activities. We have seen beautiful artwork, an obstacle course and new apps to further progress your learning. 

Above are some photos to showcase what wonderful work you have been doing. Thank you Year Four. Take care and stay safe.