Year 4 News: 27th March 2021

27th March 2021

We have had a varied week in Year 4 which began on Monday with us looking at Chapter 7 of The Sheep Pig. It is getting quite exciting now as Farmer Hogget has taken Babe to be a spectator at the Sheep trials.  I wonder if Babe will be given the chance to have a go at rounding sheep himself?

We are trying hard to improve our sentence structure by using embedded clauses and punctuating them accurately.  This is a skill we need to polish before middle school.  

In maths, we have explored fractions starting with finding equivalents and then we have added them. We have impressed our teachers by remembering the mathematical terms such as denominator and numerator.  Watching Maths Mansion and listening to songs has really helped us to consolidate our understanding of fractions.

We got out the electrical components in science as we were tasked to investigate materials that are good conductors and find those that insulate.  Ask us about our observations and findings. 

It was lovely to be outside in the sunshine practising our tennis skills with Ollie on Tuesday.  We have learned about hitting the ball forearm and we are progressing to back hand next time. 

After year 3’s Harry Potter day when Miss M.D. brought in the equipment to play Quidditch, they very kindly offered to lend it all to us to have a game too. Mrs Ball read up on the rules and we had an afternoon on the Hogwarts’ field.  

With swimming woggles as broomsticks, we stepped into the shoes of Harry, Ron and Hermione and played a 5 a side  Quidditch game.  There were even bonus points to the team who managed to pass the snitch to every player without it being spotted.

Have a look at the photos to see us in action.

We marked a very sombre occasion on Tuesday, the anniversary of the first lockdown of the pandemic. Again, the teachers were very proud of the respectfulness shown by us as we observed a minute of silence and listened to the Hanbury bell as it tolled.

We are busy preparing for the Easter  service and , as usual, year 4 have the responsibility of narrating the Easter Story. This will take place on zoom next Wednesday.  Many of us have readings to practise in preparation for this.

As we approach the last week of the spring term, we are looking forward to taking part in the Easter Egg hunt at Hanbury Hall before we break up for the Easter holiday.