Year 4 News: 4th December 2020

4th December 2020
This week, we have been busy preparing our cards and calendars ready for Christmas.  Our cards look beautiful displayed in our classroom but we also had the very important task of making an extra card so that it could be sent from school to our friends in the community, the diocese and in other local schools. 
We have made calendars with Mrs Ball and Mrs Towler.  Without giving too much away, we think they are a symbol of hope for 2021 and recognise the time we are currently having to endure.
Following our work on triangles and quadrilaterals of late, we have been trying to find lines of symmetry and work out if there are any patterns between the number of sides the shapes have and the lines of symmetry.  We looked at regular shapes and found patterns.  Ask us about this.  It doesn't work with irregular shapes and some types of triangles.
In our outdoor PE lesson, Ollie the sports coach introduced an attacking and defending game in hockey.  We played Kings, Queens and Knights which involved scoring points by dribbling the ball in and out of a castle without the King or Queen defending the hockey ball.
We had to talk about our pets in French and in doing so, we learned the names of lots of animals that we might keep as pets.  
Mrs Hope showed us how to make some amazing decorations this week in art.  We will be bringing the finished items home with us soon and we will be asking for a small donation in return.  
Thank you to everyone who brought in resources we used to make our Viking Longships.  Mrs Hope was delighted at how we worked collaboratively together, shared resources and produced super models following our plans and designs.