Year 4 News: 5th March 2020

5th March 2020
World Book Day
We all enjoyed coming into school ready for a bedtime story!  With hot chocolate and comfy cushions, we settled down to listen to our favourite stories and share books with children from other year groups.  
In year 4, we became illustrators for part of the day.  Illustrating a book is so important and it is the pictures that often influence readers to want to read it.  With our illustrator’s hat on, we chose our preferred medium to draw, colour or paint.
We have also explored ‘Vooks’ this week; an electronic resource where we explored various book and author related activities. 
Our science lessons this week have focused on sound.  We began by completing a sound trail around the School, where we explored sound sources and compared the volume in different areas.  From the distance, we could hear the motorway.  This prompted us to talk about how sound travels.  We were even treated to the sounds of a woodpecker.
On Wednesday, Mrs Ball wanted us to investigate sound further.  We had 6 activities to explore from water in glass bottles, tuning forks on water, making music from elastic bands to playing small and large instruments. We made observations and recorded our findings.  Mrs Ball encouraged us to explain why sounds are louder and softer, to explore the pitch of sounds and describe how sound is made by something vibrating.
Ask us to tell you more about our sound session.
We have continued to pull out all the stops in preparation for our big performance.  Thank you again to all of those parents who have helped with costumes and props.  We would also like to thank Mrs Harper and her Mum who have spent lots of time making, altering and sewing costumes for us.  They look fantastic.
Mrs Hope and Mrs Ball are also very impressed with how most of us know a lot of our lines without scripts.  Mrs Ball hasn’t set Literacy homework for the last few weeks so that we can spend the time on our script work. We need to have one last push now as we need to practise without scripts so we can perfect our stage directions and actions.  As from Friday, there are no scripts allowed on stage!
Tickets will be going on sale very soon.