Year 4 News: 5th October 2017

5th October 2017
Star of the Week:  Amalie
Mathematician of the Week:  Kieran
Writer of the Week:  Isabella
Values Champion:  Jem
We've been perfecting the readings we performed at Harvest Festival this week and wished Edie-May a very happy 9th Birthday!
LITERACY:  This week we used our 5 senses to try and use WOW words to describe a setting.  We studied a picture of an old, dilapidated hut and whilst listening to music, we wrote some amazing descriptions.  Some of us used metaphors, alliteration, similes and personification.
NUMERACY:  We practised applying mental strategies to subtraction calculations and found that our brains are often quicker than doing a formal, written method.  Lots of us discovered that our estimations when we rounded were very close to our actual answers.
HISTORY:  We continued to learn about flight and how it has developed since the Wright Brothers in 1903.  We learned about Lindenberg and Amelia Earhart.  During our research a group of children were interested to find out about a German - Hugo Junkers - who was the first to use metal on aeroplanes...what an innovation!
FOREST SCHOOL:  We had a lovely morning working as a team, using the natural environment to produce works of art.  Oh, and the sausage sandwiches and hot chocolate were delicious too!